Deployment without container

Hi, we have a strict policies about containers and prefer wrappers using our own deployments. Can one deploy retool without the use of these wrapper containers? like a tar ball?

Hey @Benjamin_Cuthbert!

This may be possible but from what I know, this isn't supported at the moment nor is it on the roadmap. Is there a particular issue with the Retool containers, or is part of your policy specifically to use your own wrappers?

Thanks, yes we just don't use them because of performance on our core platform. So is there any documentation on how to package this up and run it without docker or a container?

Do you have any docs on how to deploy it without a container?

I see, unfortunately, we don't have docs on it :confused: I'm not 100% sure whether it's possible or not. I know of maybe one organization that has tried to in the past but don't know how successful they were with it.

I'll file this as a feature request. It's not an immediate solution to your issue but it'd be especially helpful to know if others are looking to do something similar so thanks for making this thread.

Okay. we will have to park this project. Will wait until you guys have something.