Deploy/migrate changes from QA to Production

In my company we would like to enable editing data in QA DB, see that it looks good, then deploy the data change to production DB.

I guess I am not the first one with this requirement, I wish to ask the community about the alternatives.

Hey @nitzanav :wave: what kind of DB are you looking to migrate? If it has an API for running migrations you might be able to use Retool to interact with that.

Hi @Kabirdas thank you for response.

It is PostgreSQL and I think that we can build a flow to deploy it either via API or with JS code in retool.

I will also want to present differences between the two database of the two environments before deploying.

This I think can be done by either of those following options:

  1. JS data comparison Compare Column Data in Tables - #10 by dcsearle
  2. Or maybe by SQL on top of JS objects arrays like shown here , which is a similar solution.

I think this cover the capabilities of Retool on this aspect. I just wanted to make a discussion on it, since it seems to me like a common requirement.

I see, you might also consider checking out the workflows beta. I haven't personally seen an organization that was running their DB migrations through Retool but am certainly curious to hear from others if they have set this up and how!