Default permissions for users on a startup plan account


I have an account on the "startup" plan. According to Inviting users and authentication, I expect that when new users on my domain log in with google SSO, they'll get view only permissions for my apps. But in the settings pane, I see that all users (default group that people are added to when they join-- just tested this) have edit access to all apps. Am I misreading the documentation, or is there something weird about my account that's causing it to act this way?


Hey @ruthie! Unfortunately you'll need to upgrade to the Pro Plan (edited Aug 11, 2022: now called the Business Plan!) for granular access controls. On the Startup Plan, every user has edit permissions.

Gotcha, thanks. I think the documentation may be incorrect, because it’s pretty clear that the default user would get view only permissions :slight_smile:

Yep, thanks for the heads up! Just updated the docs :slight_smile:

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