Debugging custom auth for a GCP service account access token

Hi -- I have a self-hosted instance running on a GCP instance and am trying to set up a custom auth method for the service account running on this instance to obtain an access token necessary for it to contact an internal API on a private VPC as a new resource. Google provides a special endpoint for service accounts to obtain such an access token via a simple GET. However when I add that as an API Request step in the custom auth config and test it, I simply get an uninformative failure message from the console:

Is there any way to see the actual response from the API Request step?

Hi! Just bumping this, any help from the retool team? I would assume there is a try/catch around the API connection code and would really like to get the exact third-party error being surfaced...seems it would be a pretty common debug use case for integrating with custom auth? Thanks!