Date Range picker filter rows disappear

I am using a date range filter based on a column. some rows, the date is null . When i use the date range filter these rows with no date entries disappear on retool but rows are present in the db and I am only left with rows that have dates. Is there a way to avoid loosing the data on display but still use date range filter

Are you using the filer function within the table in the UI or using a script to filter or a query to reset the table data? Screen shot will help move this forward. Another thought is that if the row is not within the range you set to filter on then it will NOT appear in the UI despite being in the db

Hello @ScottR below is how the rows are without the date filter , all the invalid dates are empty dates 0000-00-00

this is the filter code, I put in as part of the where condition :
Screenshot from 2022-04-22 09-39-32

when I run the code all the invalid date rows disappear but i don't want them to , because the team needs to come back and input the info later