Date Range component default values

Hi, I can't seem to set default start and end date values derived from data in an existing table.

Not sure if this just isn't yet supported -- thanks!

Hi @lj96,

You still can, it's just that the linter is being troublesome right now. Encountered this before and yeah, did what you did and post it.

It's still working, just that the linter will pick the table reference as invalid/undefined. Just push through with it and refer to your table data structure (CMD+B / Windows+B)



Ah I see -- thanks for the solution :slight_smile:

FYI, the linter, Intellisense or whatever, is still messing up on this.

It's not seeing my components:


If I enter the correct reference, the component is getting the value correctly but I am getting an error:

Oh hmm. Where is the linter / auto-complete not working properly?