Database isolation security by desing

I'm testing retool but I would like to know if is possible to connect the fronted with a different database for each user.
For instance, if I have 3 users I would like to use 3 different databases spawning a connection when the users are performing the Log in.

Hey @ottacom!

For some context here - are you trying to connect to databases that have already been fully set up and have existing users that the people in Retool would be able to connect to?

You might want to check out the docs on the new Retool API that's under development to see if there's anything there that looks like it might be relevant to you!

Otherwise, there may be a number of ways to achieve what you're looking for, curious to hear more about your use case and db structure.

thanks a lot for replying... for now is good enough to know that I have that possibility.
I'll book a meeting soon with presales I guess so..
Thanks again.