Custom tool URL

Do the tools created on Retool sit on retool’s domain? How do I make sure that my users access the tool on my company’s domain?


At the moment custom URLs are only supported on on-prem deployments, and on-prem users would always access their accounts on that domain rather than

I’m going to move this over to a feature request so cloud accounts can chime in!


I’d love to have this feature available, too. As a workaround, embedding an iframe or using Retool SDK would do.


I would also love the ability to have custom URLs.

Why? At our company, we value names that are easy to remember, trying to make it easier to onboard new people. Sadly, telling a coworker to go to is not the smoothest.

Thank you for all that you have built. We love Retool!


+1 to this. If we cannot do this, I would at least request the ability to change the public URL.

For example, the current public URL might read as

Would be great to be able to have the ability to change the URL to something like:


+1 to this as well. Increasing the ability to brand Retool only makes this tool even more useful and further opens our doors to who our Retool end users can be.

+1. We’d like to be able to have it on our own domain without embedding.

Just a note: when running Retool on-prem you get both custom branding & custom urls out of the box – this is much cleaner than embedding.

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+1 from our team as well! We love retool and would love this feature so much. Right now I’m doing a subdomain redirect so that we can at least use the nice url as a link that people can get to.



@kent I think there are many of us who would like a custom domain without having to move off the cloud product. There are a lot of great benefits to staying on Retool’s cloud (not having to setup and maintain infrastructure is a big plus), and I don’t think having a custom domain is a sensible reason to switch.

Hello any updates to this? I was considering the tool, but domain aliasing or custom Domain might be a dealbreaker.

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@shynes no updates quite yet, unfortunately :frowning:

any updates on this?? i love the tool but no possible for my client