Custom table column displays nothing when it's dynamically visible

Retool version 2.70.21

  1. have a table
  2. add a custom column, put a value {{ currentRow.[whatever] }}
  3. turn on the toggle for "dynamically show key" and tie it to a toggle value.

If the toggle's default value if "false", when you turn on the toggle nothing will show in the custom column.
If the toggle's default value is "true", it will show the column and the column will have values on the initial page load, but if the table is server paginated and you then: 1) turn off the toggle 2) next page 3) turn on the toggle, the custom column will have no values on the new page.

Hi @wling!

Thank you for such a detailed walkthrough. I was able to repro this issue exactly (again, thank you for all the details) and created a bug report for eng.

I'll reach back out to you (in this thread) with any updates.