Custom column tag label not working

I want to use a Label like the shape in Value as in the picture below.
This is because I want to change the color value by using the label.

Hey @Will_Heo!

This is related to an issue with the tag column type that is being looked at by our engineers. We can let you know here once it has been resolved. In the meantime, can you try switching your column over to be editable but set "Read only" to be true? This should make it effectively the same as long as the "Value" field matches the "Option value" field.

Let me know if that works?

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I didn't solve it the way you suggested, but thanks for your help
I solved it this way

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The Tag (Dropdown) column type (the name for our dropdown column type) is under a bit of construction! :hammer_and_wrench::construction_worker_man:

As of version 2.103.0, custom columns no longer have the option to be set as Tag column types. There's a workaround for this here. Existing columns with that type will continue to function, however, you'll notice that you can no longer create new custom columns and set them to the Tag type. Regular, non-custom columns can still be set as Tag column types.

There are also differences in behavior between Tag columns set to non-editable vs editable.

For non-editable Tag columns:

  • You can set the label and color of the Tag in the column settings

For editable Tag columns:

  • You can see the label, color and default value in the column settings
  • You can click on the cell to view the dropdown list of items

We're looking to make broader changes soon with the upcoming Table v2 component which has a target of being released in Q1 next year. If you have any questions or feedback about this column type, please feel free to start a new thread so we can better track responses/your concerns! :slight_smile:

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