Retool has a global variable called current_user and there is a number for the values for

Where is this number coming from?
How can I access this table? (My goal is to get a mapping of the and the logged in user's email or name)

The self-hosted packages only access the user database, I know. So, you can't access the table; you can only access {{ current_user }} variable in a Retool App.

You can get a lot of info using current_user
Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 10.34.06 AM

Thank you, @celil
That is unfortunate that only self-hosted Retool has access to the table.

Thank you, @ScottR
One temporary solution, I'm currently using is to log both and, so that after some time, I'll have the table I'm looking for.

There's also a feature request for accessing more user data that you can follow along with here!