[CSV to Firebase] Value less then 0,01 automatically changed to null

Hi Guys,

I just started today using Retool and so far it works great!

I followed the tutorial on youtube about the subject of importing a csv file into firebase: How to import CSV files into Firebase / Firestore in 7 minutes - YouTube

Unfortunately, I'm running into an error with exporting a CSV file to Firebase. When uploading values smaller than 0,01, the values are automatically transformed to null in firebase.

So 0,045 becomes null and 0,139 is inserted correctly into firebase.

Does anyone know more about this? Should I change something in my query?

Hope to hear from you!

Kind regards,


Hi Mart!

What data type are your numbers within Firebase? Could you share a screenshot of your values input in the Firebase query?

You might have to do something like parseFloat() to the value before it leaves Retool: