Creating an onclick /active style

Hello, newbie questions here

Is it possible to create a style for an onActive event of a navigation bar?

As in my example below - I'd like it, when a user clicks on a link, I can create a coloured br behind it - similar to what you see when the user click s(but unfortunately it disappears when the click is finished).... I can't see an on-active property that I can use.....



Hi Scott,
thanks for your reply.

I see this menu, and I have tried all of them - but none seem to set the 'onActive' equivalent.....
I.e. I want to add an orange background that stays there once the user clicks....... or at best, keep the hover color,

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You are correct.... if you are able to; file this as a Feature Request

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Have requested this.

thanks again for the reply,

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