Create Template for external Clients

Say I have two merchants, and I want to provide them both an interface to check their stats. Is there a way to make a template so that I can provide that for both of the merchants? Also, if I when I update the template it would update the two merchant pages as well.

Hi @paul, I'm not sure if this is possible. How do the two merchant pages differ? You could maintain a template app and then duplicate it to create copies for each merchant and make minor adjustments to each copy as needed. Or, assuming that both of the merchants will log in to Retool, you could reference the current_user global variable to differentiate functionality in the app based on the end user.

Could this be done through modules? When the parent module is updated do all of the children get updated as well?

@paul, Unless you have versioning set up on the module, then yes when you edit a module the module will update wherever it is used in an app. That being said, modules could help here—good idea! You could have a single module or several modules that contain the pieces of your app that are the same between merchants and use that/those modules in the apps you create for individual merchants.

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