Cosmos DB integration

I am wondering if it's possible to integrate Retool and Cosmos DB with Gremlin API.
I found Cosmos DB in the resources list, but I was not able to find any documentation on supported APIs and so on.


Are you trying to authorize your instance of Retool to use Gremlin?
You can try this doc:

I would connect Retool directly to Cosmos if possible, like I do for a Postgres DB for example.

Looking at the documentation available for integrations there is everything but not Cosmos.

How could I use this "Custom API" solution to connect Cosmos?

Can't you just create a Resource using Cosmos DB?
It is available, but maybe it's not with the plan you have?
On my personal free plan, Cosmos is NOT available.
On the plan the co. I consult with does have it available.
In your Retool home page, select resources and see if Cosmos is available.

Of course I can try, but I was actually looking for documentation. It's available for all the databases but not Cosmos.

Hi @effedieffe, You should be able to connect to Cosmos directly but it's one of our newer data sources we don't have any supporting documentation yet :confused: We've created a request for documentation on connecting to Cosmos and I'll be sure to update this post when we put out those docs. Let us know if you have any questions in the meantime!