Copy cell of form

I'd like to select a cell (one column, one row) within the form and have the contents of that one cell copied to clipboard. As I attempted to do that, the only option I saw was to add a button outside of the form. Additionally, when I used the button to copy, it appeared to copy the entire contents of the table onto the clipboard. I only want one cell.

Hey @adrooney!

Have you tried adding a "row click" event handler that copies


Not until you mentioned it. Here's what I have now:

Notice that the value has portions highlighted in red. When I do select a cell, I get a message that it copied to clipboard. When I then try to paste, there's nothing in the clipboard. I also tried using table1 (instead of serpstacktbl) as shown under the components. I'm not sure the difference between the two tables. When I do that, it also says it copies. In that case, it does copy to the clipboard, but always copies the same value no matter which row I'm on.

Thanks for the lead and hopefully you can easily see what's wrong with this.

Also, can I limit the copy function to one column. I do want it to be for one cell at a time, but only for clicks that occur in one column. Clips in other columns would not trigger this.

No need to add any reference to the selected row! The expression{{ }} should work on its own (also be careful to note the case on selectedCell).

And yes! You should also be able to access the columnName on the selected cell and use that in the "Only run when" field:

copy_cell_contents (1).json

Can you tell me why I'm getting these errors? I am using a view from Postgresql for my query. Could that have anything to do with this?



Oh! I totally missed that serpstacktbl is your query :flushed:

Sorry for not reading your post more carefully, you should be referencing your table instead, so {{ }}

Does that work better?

Thanks. That works great! I plan to virtually attend your 10:00 AM PT meeting on Tuesday. What is the format for the meeting? Do you have something prepared for participants or is it an open forum to take your issues to the experts? Also, my associate and I talked today about expanding our line of services. I'm wondering if the extended scope is something Retool could host or if we need some web design outside of Retool. Here's what we're thinking:

This is an SEO project. Some clients don't have access to the resources they need, but want to do the follow-up tasks on their own. Others want full service. We'd like to have a web presence where a prospective client can upload 2-3 csv files. There would need to be editing of the files: column names from the client files need to match our record format and field types also match. If the files are okay, a process would upload the files into existing tables with a unique client id. An email would be sent to the prospective client indicating the data has been successfully uploaded and a price quote would be forwarded with 48 hours. We'd like the price quote to be automated using the number of rows in each uploaded table times the appropriate price detail included in a table. If the prospective client approves the engagement, they would pay via stripe. Another automated process would be used to deliver the output in Excel or Google Sheets via a link. As you can tell from my prior questions, I'm definitely a Retool novice. I do feel confident writing the SQL that would process the uploaded transactions to produce the desired output. If this is something that can be done through Retool, we will need to hire someone to set this up. The other consideration is that we are currently learning on the free version. I assume a project like this would take us into the paid service. I haven't looked into that yet. Can you tell us if Retool is the right platform and, if so, what it might cost us to migrate to Retool if we move forward with Retool for this project?



Hey @adrooney!

Thanks for attending Office Hours last week and sorry about the late reply here. For folks who might stumble across this thread: OH is currently an open forum for people to ask questions. A lot of folks have asked about prepared material and it's definitely on our minds! But for now, the full session tends to be occupied by individual questions.

As to your question:

This certainly seems possible within Retool. If you're looking to create a client-facing app you might consider using Public Apps. The feature is available on the Business plan and doesn't allow for client authentication, however from your use case, it sounds like that might not be necessary. If you're content configuring the app so that it's just a way for your clients to submit new information, not access their own private data then there's a good chance it's worth exploring.

If you would like to add authentication for your clients, based on some of the custom functionality (like payment processing), we’d recommend building some of this functionality in-house using React. For the onboarding and quoting flows custom to each user, building and customizing those in Retool should be very fast. You could then use Retool Embed to securely embed those Retool apps into your product. It’s currently in beta for self-hosted orgs and you can request a demo via the link. With it, you could conceivably build a full dashboard for your clients to view their own SEO information as well as interact with your services.

Hopefully, that's helpful! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions :slightly_smiling_face: