Connecting to MySQL

OK, I am pretty much at my wit's end here. I have been trying for the last several weeks to connect to a MySQL database. At first I had the database set up on my computer with a static IP address. No luck. Then I put the database on an instance of AWS. Still no luck. Then I had the database on an instance of AWS and tried using Retool in the Cloud. No luck. Now I have set up a MySQL RDS on AWS and have followed all the steps I could find to whitelist IP addresses and connect to the RDS database. Guess what. Still no luck. Does anyone else have any ideas how to make this work. I really need to get connected to this database.

Hey @tomm! Definitely happy to help here. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your resource setup page (with any secrets redacted!) and any errors you're running into when trying to connect?

Hi @victoria. My company wanted me to set up the database on an instance of AWS, which I have done. I was trying to connect by using the public IP address for that instance of AWS. Is this the information you needed?

Perfect, thank you! Nothing is jumping out at me just yet.

A few troubleshooting questions for you if you don't mind:

Are you be able to pull logs from the resource side to see if the test connection is going through at all?

Does generating a connection string and setting up the resource that way work? If not, are you seeing the same error?

Besides testing the connection on the resource page, if you query this resource in an app, does the query error out with a specific error message?

Thank you!