Connecting API with SSL issues

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to add this Simplicate API which normally gives me back valid JSON. For some reason, it doesn’t when I’m trying to get some data though a Retool data resource. A simple curl request within the terminal and the exact same Header credentials does work.

So I’ve been looking around within the API documentation, which tells me the only way I can receive back plain/text HTML, is when there are some issues duo to SSL. Within Retool, it does return a 200 OK, which makes it even more strange.

Does anyone have experience on this subject?

Appreciate the help!


HI @willempoortman, would you mind sharing a screenshot (with the credentials redacted) of the setup in retool and the one in your terminal?

Sure, here you go.

@alex-w. do you have an update for me?

What is the return that you’re getting in Retool?

Also, just checking- the base url in that screenshot in retool is at /hrm/team/team which doesn’t seem to be a valid endpoint on their docs. You’re seeing the same issue for the return or lack of return at /crm/organization in Retool?

I’ve tried a lot of endpoints, also the /crm/organization. I constantly get a HTML return with the body of a error page telling me that the team have been notified and will dive into the issue. I think it’s something caused by Retool, because when I’m trying to fetch data from for instance Postman, everything works fine.

Screenshot at 2020-06-22 21-06-09

What is inside of the result key there?

As mentioned in my previous post, I get some HTML telling me they are looking into it. But I only get this when I’m trying to connect from Retool.