Connect to Stripe as a Postgres database

Hey everyone,

Excited to announce that Sync Inc supports Stripe. Now you can build Retool apps on your Stripe data using SQL.

In a couple clicks, we replicate all your Stripe data to a follower Postgres database. Then we keep it in sync in real-time. Any event β€” like a new customer, invoice, charge, or change to a subscription β€” will appear in your database in under a second. All you have to do is connect your Sync Inc database to Retool with the standard Postgres connector.

Then you can use Retool’s first-class support for Postgres to navigate your Stripe schema and auto-complete your queries. All your data is available and typed. No need to deal with expand, pagination, or params.

You can try it out for free β†’

If your curious about how it all works, check out our Stripe docs β†’

We’re looking forward to hearing feedback and answering any questions.


That's an awesome product. Will definitely take a look later.

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:mega: Update: Step-by-step Tutorial

We wrote up a tutorial showing how you can quickly build an internal tool on Stripe using Postgres:

Here, you take what is a 5 click flow to manage a subscription in the Stripe dashboard, and make it one click in Retool.

You'll also learn how easily it is to work with your Stripe data in SQL.

Hope you find this helpful as you build great apps on Stripe.

Looks cool. Your landing page says you support twilio, but I don't see documentation. What's the deal?

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It appears to be cool. You claim to support Twilio on your home page, however I can't find any documentation. What really is the situation?

It looks to be pleasant. On your main page, you claim to support Twilio, however I can't locate any documentation. What is the true situation?

Hey @chrisjordan9 & @alex-godin – Twilio is coming soon! Just released Close & Shopify this week, the plan for Twilio is late September. Shoot me an email at anthony@[our domain] if you want to help us alpha test when it's ready.

Adjusted homepage to reflect that it's still in the works.


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