Connect a google sheet whilst respecting principle of least privilege?

Hi Retool team and community,

How can to connect one Google Sheet in a read only fashion whilst respeciting the principle of least privilege, it seems Retool wants to take the sledgehammer approach of read,write, control everything in drive? ( takes this sledgehammer approach too)

As I’m writing this I guess I could create a free GSuite Cloud Identity account matt_safedrop@domain share into that and then link that to retool but would be nice to avoid (and more a nightmare for normal gmail users)? Thoughts?

Hello @sitepodmatt, and welcome to the community! Sorry for the delay here :confused:

This is a totally reasonable request, and is not currently possible in Retool (I’m moving this topic into #feature-requests accordingly). We’re about to spend a few weeks improving our Google Sheets integration, so we’ll definitely take this into account!

What would your ideal experience look like - as part of the OAuth flow, you select which sheets you want to give Retool permissions to, and what those permissions look like?