Configuring Whatsapp Crm and Google Sheets

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Hey @Marketing!

Have you been able to create a resource to connect to your Google Sheets?

And for WhatsApp, the template just opens a custom URL based on info from the Google Sheet.

I included the app's JSON if you're interested in checking it out :slight_smile: You can import this JSON file by clicking Create new (home page) > From JSON!



Please refer to this Template.

When I click the Send WhatsApp button, it opens a page where I can send a message to a single contact.

How do I send it to multiple people at once?

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Marketing Team

Using the open URL method in the template, you can only send a message to one person at once!

However, you can probably create a loop to trigger a single send query (using WhatsApp's REST API) for multiple numbers. Something like:

This loop uses Retool queries' trigger method with additionalScope passed in:

And here's a post that walks through a query loop that also logs all the results together:

Let me know if that's helpful at all! :slight_smile: