Conditional Validation - Select Single Option

Hi, I am creating a form where users can select a module from single select box 1, I would like the contents of single select box 2 to only display the corresponding options as stored in my GoogleSheets document.

  • I have 2 single select boxes.
  • I have a table stored in GoogleSheets that contains two columns: Module and Learning Content.
  • The first select box has the options mapped to the module column, users can only select one module.

Please can you support me with how I ca condition the single select box 2 in order to only include the options in learning content that are mapped to the selected Module in single select box 1.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello! :slight_smile: would you mind sharing a screenshot of your Google Sheet property inside of Retool’s left panel? Curious to see the data structure of your columns!

For example: