Component positioned after listview ends

Hello community:

I have a list view that changes in size depending on the length of the array that renders it. This array has inputs like a table, so that values are shown or changed.

At the end I want to add a totals row, and then add another list view with the same characteristics, just with another category. So both list views can vary in size and one needs to be just after the other one's totals end.

Something like this:

Listview 1
LV1 Totals
Listview 2
LV2 Totals

I just tried it and the 2 listviews overlap

Here you can see how everything overlaps:

Hi @ggallese - I would like to look into reproducing this behavior on my end. Would you be able to share some additional screenshots of the configuration or even better an export of the app and maybe a few lines of sample data that I can use? Is this how the configuration appears when you're previewing in edit mode or are you only seeing this when actually accessing the app? Any further details you can share would be really useful here!


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