Columns in list with values taken according to a comparison condition between another column of this table and another query

Hello there,

I have a table with values taken from a ggsheet.
I would like one of the columns ("materials") to be a list and, for each row, the list would change depending on the item in the column before ("Products").
The values of the list in question would be taken from another "Getmaterials" query in another ggsheet, comparing the "Products" column with the "Product Type" column of that query.
If the values of these two columns are equal, the list would return the items in the "Materials" column of the corresponding "Getmaterials" query.

I've looked into the forum, tried some stuff, but can't seem to find the right solution for this.

If anyone can help me with that, I'd appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Hey @Maxtsu :wave: If I am understanding your use case correctly, you are looking to populate a column with query data depending on the value(s) in the cell to its left? If so, here is a quick breakdown of what this could look like:

This column is getting populated with the return from a JS query (columnTest) only if the value to its left is greater than 40.

Hey, Thanks for your answer. Someone from Retool's team has already helped me with that, so all good :slight_smile: