CollectionView's selectedItem / selectedIndex does not work

I appears that the state of the component does not update when I select the items in the list, its always null. Can you confirm that this is the case on your end as well?

Turns its not selectedItem that changes when you check the boxes, its suffixIndexByValue

Hey @Theo! Ack, this looks like a bug on our end. selectedItem should definitely work as you'd expect. I'll keep you updated on the fix! :+1:

selectedItem is the one you clicked though, right? Thats why I was confused, since the desktop table have a prop called selectedRow.

Yup, exactly! It looks like it’s currently broken/always null :pensive:

Hey @Theo! Just wanted to let you know that we pushed a fix for this bug. Thank you for taking the time to report it and for all your patience while we addressed it. Let me know how it's working for you :crossed_fingers:

Still seems to be the same? Or am I missing something?

Oh no! :cold_sweat: This is specifically referring to Action Sheets not being able to reference selectedItem from the Collection View, correct? Is that behavior still broken for you?

Setting the selectedValue or selectedIndex is still not functioning?

This should actually be fixed now, thank you for the bump @nick_oz! :slight_smile: Are you seeing any errors on your end currently?