Claims report for a small insurance company

Hi there community, the crew at Retool suggested I posted here to find a dev to help us on a project. I’ll paste the brief here … but you can also see it on our Notion page here -

A brief outline of how we’d like to use retool to drive claims processes


I run a few small insurance platforms insuredbyus .com and agileunderwriting .com and we’re looking to use retool to replace our mounting costs through Tableau. This is a discrete test-project to see retool is the right tool to replace Tableau. If so, we have buckets of reports we want to create and migrate from Tableau… no insurance person has ever asked for less reports.

About us

Both of my companies are bootstrapped and remote-first. We are on a journey to simply and improve the way insurance is sold by creating niche products that satisfy real customer needs. All together we’ve sold over 2 million policies and we’re on an exponential growth curve.

Primary objective

We have a claims system that uses Zendesk* to process insurance claims. At the end of the month we need to create a report (in insurance jargon called a bordereau) that shows the claims activity during the month. For a sample of this bordereau with Jan and April examples go to the notion page

This is a way for the underwriter and insurer to help manage the performance of the portfolio and they’re specifically interested in:

  • number of new claims within a given period (usually monthly but could be any period)
  • number of open claims within a given period
  • number of closed claims within a given period
  • number of paid claims within a given period
  • total $ amount paid within a given period
  • total $ in fees within a given period
  • total $ in reserves within a given period (reserves are guesses at the $ amount the claims agents think we’ll have to pay on any claim)
  • open vs closed claims within a given period

*A note about Zendesk
I chose Zendesk as an MVP tool as it’s got these great macros, fine-grained permissions and allows you to ETL via their API. It’s turned out to be an amazing fit.

Secondary objective - reconciliation

We’d love to do a reconciliation report that matches claims with a report from which we use for accounting. We may need to spit out a report from Xero to Google Sheets to make it work.

Tertiary objective - more reports

There are a number of other reports the capacity team would be interested in. You can see some of them on the notion page

  • Claims by category (form type)
  • Claims by catastrophe code (e.g. COVID so we can group all COIVD related claims to gauge the impact of COVID)
  • Sales reports (these are primarily what’s in Tableau)

Next steps

Hit me up with any questions you might have and I’d love a rough guideline on how long this might take and a rough cost - you can email me at ben [at] agileunderwriting .com if you have any questions.

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