Chrome CPU Spike over 100%

Our apps just started spiking CPU on chrome (specifically the Google Chrome Helper (renderer)) to over 100%, making the app slow to an unusable pace (minutes to run single queries).

Is anyone else experiencing this? It just started in the past hour or so. Cloud version 2.90.0

Safari is doing the same:

Hey Bill, do you think you could export a Chrome performance profile of your app and share it with me?

Instructions here: Analyze runtime performance - Chrome Developers

When you're done recording, right click in the performance tab and click "Save profile":
Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 12.15.34 PM

This will generate a JSON file which I can import and do some analysis on.

Also feel free to create a new email thread with me at braden AT

I just emailed you the json file of the profile. I could only capture the first 45 seconds of page load. The first time I tried it took over 5 minutes to load the page - something that typically takes 10-15 seconds.

Hey! All is well again! The page loaded in less than 15 seconds. I sent you an updated profile recording in case it helps.

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As an FYI, I also noticed a significant slowdown today. Starting around 3pm EST. Not sure where the problem lies but just sharing that I noticed an issue in performance and response rates - cloud version