Check for a null in javascript

This if statement is being ignored (the else isn't even being processed).
if ([i].AMOUNT !== null) {...}
else {...}

Is there another way to check for null values in javascript?

should be
if ([i].AMOUNT != null) {...}

Looks like you have an extra "=" in there

by using != you are asking if it is NOT null....
by using == you are asking if it IS null...

Thank you ScottR!

The extra "=" makes it a "strict inequality operator", which checks the variable types, not just the values.
It was actually working correctly, but for some reason, my console.log in the else portion was not printing to the console...which tricked me into thinking the statement was being ignored altogether. The console.log("testPmt in else statement = "+testPmt) wasn't showing up, so I added console.log("AMOUNT is null!!!!!") before it...that one shows up, so I know I'm at least getting into the else statement. I still don't know why the second console.log is being ignored. Very strange... Any ideas??

  else {
    console.log("AMOUNT is null!!!!!")
    console.log("testPmt in else statement = "+testPmt)
    newRow.NEGATIVECF = testPmt;