Charts and Tables in Main section not showing in preview

Hi, I have created a retool app that hosts data related to my business using an sql connection.
The tables and charts I put in the Header section of retool are showing in preview, but the ones in main are not. Been trying to find a solution but havent seen any workaround.
This is preventing other view only users to see all the data. Kindly help.

Hi @Nishad. Let me see if I follow, any table and charts you put in the main section of an application are not showing when your run the app, is this correct? If yes, if you take one of the tables and charts which show in the header and move it to main, does it to then no longer show when running the app?

Are you able to provide some visual aids of what you are experiencing?

Yes that's correct. They are not showing the preview page, but showing when I click on Edit app.
I moved one table from header to main, and that was also not visible now when I clicked on preview.
Hope this is clear. Been trying to upload screenshots here but it's throwing an error.

Is there anything in the hidden filed for those components? From what I can tell there isn't a hide option for #Main section. Did you try scrolling the page, or zooming out so more shows at once. I wonder if they are below your window. I am obviously guessing here.
I am at a bit of a loss on this one.


Hey @Nishad!

This may sound a bit odd but if you zoom your browser out are you able to see more of your app? The header is typically fixed at the top and it seems to be taking up the entirety of your screen in the picture you posted.