Changing table columnFormats in bulk?

Dear developers,

I wish to transform a certain range of columns at once:

The table has week 1 till week 53. I want all of these to be DateDataCell and format it with "E" (to show Mo or Tue etc).

I also wish that they are only shown if the week number is between a slider.end and slider.start.

I managed to do this manually by changing each column, and adding a custom 'show column'.

However I wish this to be done with code, for example in the Query transformer. Is this possible?

Thanks for thinking with me,


Hey @smarlet!

Happy to help here. Are you interested in writing this in Javascript or SQL?

If Javascript, do you have any Javascript written so far?

If SQL, we have this query type that might help!

I have an SQL query to retrieve my table from my MySQL db. I also created the table. I want to format the table that is filled by my SQL query.

Awesome! And how do you want to format the table?