Changing resource auth flow variable names not reflected – confirmed on our API

Hi! This is a bug report, but I couldn’t find a great place to submit bugs.

I changed the server side authentication flow for a project we’re building from having just an access token to having a refresh token as well.

When I went to make the change to the Retool resource authentication flow, I changed a variable assignment from TOKEN to ACCESS_TOKEN. Although this change was reflected on the frontend, the TOKEN variable continued to be substituted. This is a critical issue, because ACCESS_TOKEN resolves to ACCESS_undefined. I’m assuming this is because “TOKEN” in “ACCESS_TOKEN” is still trying to resolve to a value.

I’m absolutely certain that I changed TOKEN to ACCESS_TOKEN everywhere and saved many times – if a Retool dev would like to check on the resource, it’s

I copied and pasted every setting to a new resource, and the request was successful. If a Retool dev would like to check out that resource, it’s