Can't return a async call from axios

I get the following error from this code

return (async () => {
  const go = await axios({
            method: "get",
            url: "",
            maxRedirects: 0
  return go

* message:"Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'Window': #<Promise> could not be cloned."

I need the return value so I can transform a shortened url into it's correct URL. The data is console logged, but not returnerd

I have tried running a basic get request to the shortened url, but it just returns the page html, No location in the header. I am guessing I ned to ask for the location in the header, but I have tried various things with no luck at all.

I basically want to do this in retool, but can't seem to do so.

I ended up creating a aws lambda function and just hit it's api do this. But curious if anyone has a solution.

Hey hey @anderskitson! How are you loading the axios library into your Retool app?