Can't load OpenAPI 3.0.1 schema for Pipedrive CRM


I'm attempting to create a Pipedrive CRM resource on my Retool instance using their published OpenAPI 3.0.1 schema ( I've imported the same schema for use in Postman with no issues.

When I attempt the same in Retool, the initial resource creation proceeds smoothly, and I can successfully test the connection.

When I attempt to build a query using the resource, however, the query builder hangs indefinitely on "Loading spec..."

Any ideas what might be going on here?

Thanks for the help,

  • J Gingold

Hey @jgingold!

Unfortunately, it looks like there's an issue on our end that causes the Pipedrive OpenAPI spec to not load properly. Nothing wrong on your end and we can let you know here when it's been fixed.

In the meantime - can you hit the API directly using a REST API query?

Same issue here in 2.111.0, I was trying Open API as i was having some trouble getting what I wanted from the REST API connection

Are you also using Pipedrive @JwilsonSIDX? What is it in particular that you're having trouble getting via REST?

Hi @Kabirdas, thanks for the response. Yes, basic REST queries do seem to work as expected. Is there any update on the issue preventing loading of the Pipedrive OpenAPI schema?

No updates yet @jgingold, but we'll let you know when there are! I know it can be significantly more of a hassle without the OpenAPI UI :pensive:

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