Can someone help me create a task in Asana from Retool?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create a task that has a due_on in Asana, however I keep getting errors and I'd love for y'all's help.

I've tried using the GUI but I don't see a due_on field
I've tried using the JSON editor but keep getting errors - especially this message: "You should specify one of workspace, parent, projects".

I have the project and workspace ID and no task GID (because I'm trying to create a new task in the project space).

Would really appreciate y'all's help here.


hey @charles !

@sophie wrote an article about tracking and reporting bugs with asana in retool, perhaps you can parse the issue from there?

Fixed this issue - in Retool I had to put the project_id around single quotes '' instead of double quotes ""

"name": "this is a test",
"due_at": {{moment()}},
"projects": [