Can retool generate dynamic customisable bloc?

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i'm trying to add add dynamic, condition-based data blocks to my app (who is basically a super calculator for my commercial team).

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User first create a dataflow and then add activities (that will be configured on the second part of the app). Once a dataflow edited with it's activities, we add another dataflow... That's were the problem start.. Can we, in retool, dynamically add new "dataflow" and "activities" to setup ?

Same problematic here :point_down:

The only component i know that look like this system is the "query builder" but it's not very customizable, so i'm asking the community some help :rocket:

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This is not possible in Retool unfortunately. You'd need to create a custom component.

If the these flows are maximum 3 or 4 you could create 3-4 lists, add them side by side and hide the ones that are not enabled yet.

Hi @vangelov

Thanks for the answer ! i'm gonna look what is possible with the custom component.

Unfortunely, the user can add a lot a "workflow" and activities si it can't be a "static part".

Will drop some news here if i find a solution :rocket:

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