Can a user select a data source in app?

Hi Team,

Is it possible for a user to select and connect to a data source? The examples I have seen at the moment this is pre-configured in the edit mode.

So ideally the user is allowed to select a data source for example S3. Then provide user input such as connection credentials then see a dashboard. Please let me know if this makes sense, im happy to clarify :slight_smile:


Read this: Integrations overview

The question is can the 'user' connect to a data source and enter credentials. I know it can be done when developing in 'edit' mode. But if I deploy an app that seeks to let the 'user' themselves provide credentials to connect to a source e.g. S3 instead of pre-configuring this in the backend.

I hope that clarifies.

You can try this: Custom API authentication

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This looks very interesting. Thanks Scott I think this might be what im looking for