Buttons not sending request on first press


I’m finding that sometimes when I hit a button tied to a query, randomly, it just doesnt work. Then I have to press it a second time.

The query runs but fails straight away, then works fine the second time. I’m definitely hitting the button.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Kind Regards,

Hey @Burhan - this is the default behavior in “editor” mode, to allow you to select a button without clicking it. In “end user mode” a single click will trigger the query.


Just fyi, I am actually having the same issue every now again in the live mode, not edit mode.... I click a button but the query does not trigger on the first click. I have to click a second time. This does not happen all the time though.

Hi @mikkor! Hmm that shouldn’t be happening in preview mode. Is it the same button that randomly breaks or all buttons?