Business option no longer available in self-hosted

Last week we deployed Retool self-hosted using the Startup billing plan. Now that we have users engaged we see we need to upgrade to the Business plan. I went in today to upgrade the users and this option is no longer available. It goes from Startup to Enterprise. How can we access the Business plan?


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Hey @illumination, The Business plan is for hosted Retool instances whereas you are self-hosting Retool. There isn't a self-hosted equivalent of the Business plan.

I hope that helps answer your question!

Understand it's not now or never has been an option for self-hosted instances. Whatever the case, please add me to the list of customers wishing there were some plan in between Starter and Enterprise for self-hosted instances. Features a self-hosted non-enterprise customer might also need are those in the cloud hosted Business plan. For instance,

  • Custom groups with per app permissions
  • Audit logging

Could even take volume discounts off the table.

The Starter plan feels confused from a customer perspective. It's not clear whether it is or isn't intended to be a production solution. The name and spec text indicate no:

"For small technical teams that want to explore Retool to build secure internal tools"

However some of the plan benefits indicate it is intended to build production applications:

  • Save versioned releases of apps and revert them to any point in time with revision history
  • Keep data in your own VPC for HIPAA and PII compliance
  • Deploy apps to up to 25 users