Bulk Insert Records upon Save Button

I am very new to Retool, I want to insert multiple descriptions in a table by clicking the SAVE button. I tried the Retool Query with {{listview.data}} but I am not sure what to put in the Event Handler or if I am even on the right path. I hope you can all help with this. see the screenshot for my table


Hi @starterEngr - welcome to the forums. You will need bulk insert as the action type in your saveSubmit query, but your approach seems fine. Is there something in specific that isn’t working?

Hi @jg80 - thank you for responding to my query. it is not getting the values inside the fields.

This is probably due to using the new listView instead of the legacy List View. There are a bunch of threads on this, many connecting back to here: ListView / Modify Values and save - #6 by whynot.

Depending on what you want to accomplish / how much time you want to spend on this, I might suggest you switch to the legacy List View which is a bit simpler for the use case that I see you building out.

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