Bulk Insert from Table Container - Constrain Control

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First of all, Happy New year!!!
I am working on trying to Develop a very user-friendly App for inserting Data into a Mysql for a client.
The client has 0 knowledge about what it's a Json, parsing, data formatting. The only skills the client has is all about Creating a CSV from an Excel.
So, this is the playground.
The client provides the app with a CSV, which it ingests through the file button, and all the information is displayed in a table container. Now that the app has the Data, is there a way to just click one button and do a Bulk insert of the whole table?
I've seen there is an option for an ACTION button in the table, but the client would need to click as many times as rows the CSV has, in order to insert all of them into a database in MYSQL.

is there a way to bulk insert in just one click all the data that has been ingested using the CSV?

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Is this the way to go?

It works fine, but i've got a new question. The tables have constraints. The bulk insert fails with the first error encountered, and instead of performing the rest of the inserts, it stops and throws an error.
is there a troubleshooting for errores in bulk inserts? What is the typicial approach in ReTool when the user violates the constraint rules?
Can i switch to a "Semi Bulk Insert" insert row by row for all records in table style, like SQLALCHEMY, or some short of autocommit after every single insert?


Let's see if we can focus on solving the error so that this can work smoothly and consistently going forward. Could you share a screenshot of the error and query in action? Also as an aside, if you'd like to connect to support via chat to share these screenshots rather than on a public forum, feel free to do so!