Build apps on Twilio using SQL

After several requests on our Stripe post (thanks @alex-godin and @chrisjordan9 for keeping us honest), we’re excited to announce that Sync Inc now supports Twilio.

We’ll sync all your Twilio messages, phone calls, recordings, and more to your Postgres database in real-time. Any new conversation will appear in your database in under a second.

Paired with Retool, you can use SQL to build apps on Twilio in no time. We stood up an SMS app to help with customer notifications in under an hour. End-to-end. We wrote up a tutorial to show how we did it. One thing that surprised us (in a good way) was how Retool's periodic queries allowed us to skip the Twilio webhooks entirely.

You can try our Twilio sync out free here:

If you’re curious about how it all works, check out our docs:

We just launched this! Right now, we’re focused on syncing Twilio to your database so you can use SQL as opposed to HTTP to query your data. But because Twilio is such an event-oriented API, we’re wondering what extra features would be helpful here as you build.

We’re looking forward to hearing feedback and answering any questions.

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