BUG when using multiple modal & ListView in Modules

On the left page, I'm creating a reusable module which contains 2 modals and each modal have to contain a listview. On the right page, I'm testing the module.

The module UI got broken as soon I add a listview in the second modal.

Retool version 2.106.3

Thanks for surfacing this @rferland!

It looks like the issue goes beyond listviews - placing components in modals currently isn't very supported in modules in the mobile web view :pensive: they should be useable outside of modules though.

Would it work to copy the components from your module into your app? It's possible to copy-paste groups of components between apps.

Copying group of component does not bring their sources queries/transformers. Plus the whole point of using modules is reusability/maintainability. There are groups of components alongs with their business logic that we'll use at least 5 to 8 times if not more.

Modules/reusability was part of the selling points when I strongly recommended your solution internally. Your proposed solution is not a viable one unfortunately and I think this is a bug that needs to be fixed

Got it. Thanks for sharing more about how you're using it, it's definitely something that needs to be fixed and I'm surfacing the issue with the eng team.

How much are you currently sharing this modal between both mobile and desktop views? It seems that the component within the modal display properly as long as they're marked to display both on desktop and on mobile, while you can set the modal itself to only display on mobile. If you're ok creating separate modals for each view that may be a workaround here.