Bug when I Enable Latest Runtime

When I Enable Latest Runtime. Some issues occur when I get data from the javascript transformer. I use javascript transformer as a configure file or first load data file. When I get data from it alert show undefined but reload it works normally.

Hi @Phu_Doan Thanks so much for reaching out about this! I am looking into it. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your setup?

Hi @Tess
Here is the step I get issues

Hi @Phu_Doan, any chance you can also share an export of the app where this is occurring? Feel free to remove any sensitive data. Also, please note that resources don't get exported with apps, so I won't be able to access any of your resource data

Hi @Phu_Doan,

Just checking in here! If you don't want to post the export on this thread, feel free to send the app export in a message to me directly or in an email to support@retool.com

Hi, Tess,
Support team help me fix this issues. Thank you for helping me.