BUG? Unable to organize code/queries when ordering is anything other than Manual

In the Code panel, the default Order By is "Order Manually".

When switching order by to anything else, it breaks the ability to drag and drop queries into folders.


In the screen recording above, I am showing a test project, but in my current project, I have about 67 queries/transformers/variables right now.

In order to organize them into folders, I need to find them by sorting most usually by name, or by newest to oldest. Sadly, once sorted and found, I cannot drag them where needed without reverting back to manual ordering.

Is this intended behavior or a :beetle: ?

This is a bug :disappointed: I'll follow up here when it's fixed

Hi @Tess,

Just wondering if this was still in the works. I have 206 queries to put in folders and I'm sure other people will find the behaviour of the drag/drop to be confusing.


I came here to report the same issue, so I'm glad to know it is already being tracked.

Hi everyone! I don't have an update yet, but I just bumped the ticket internally :crossed_fingers:

Thanks Tess!

The team might find this one confusing because it doesn't make sense to be able to move things around when in alphabetical sort mode.

But I think the thing to tell them is that we just need to be able to drop queries onto folders. That works and doesn't break the 'sort' mental model.

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This sounds like a good compromise. I would like the ability to move things into folders while maintaining the sort method.