BUG: Text Input Acting Broken with Currency Input Type

Hey there,

I first discovered this issue earlier today: the Text Input component is unusable when set to the Currency Input Type. The behaviour is that when attempting to enter any numbers into the field it flashes the input number for a split second then resets to 0.00.

At first I thought it might have been an issue with the specific App I was in but I’ve tried reproducing the problem in both my other Apps as well as a brand new blank app.

Every other Input Type works as expected; it appears to only be Currency that is bugging.

Attached a link to a video to illustrate the issue:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this @pascal! Known issue on our end today, working on a fix. Will update the thread!

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The main part of this issue should be fixed now! We’re still investigating some smaller odd behavior when the input is spammed, but the core functionality should be back to normal!


This seems very much broken still (unless you type super slow).

@lauri still working on it :confused:

Seriously, how long can it take to fix this? My app is completely broken due to this. It’s been 2 weeks.