Bug? Table Page Change While Row Selected

If I have a row selected and an editable column (not sure if it's because I had previously edited the value in THAT column), I cannot input a number on the table page change. It inputs a value in the editable column, and does not update the page change value.

Not sure if this matters, but on the table, server-side pagination is set and every page change results in a new query. Firefox116.0.2 (64-bit), Retool Cloud.

Video demonstration - Retool - Change Table Page While Row Selected · CleanShot Cloud

Hi, vinnie. It seem to like sth with event handler. Could you offer app json file for debug?

Hey @AnsonHwang,

It appears to occur in a new, default app. It looks like if I make a change to a field to get the save prompt, the first edit to page number will replace the change in the cell, while a second attempt actually changes the page. See the video for this in action.

SUPPORT - Table Save Changes.json (64.6 KB)

It seem bug. @Tess @Kabirdas


Hi there! We'll reach out here when this is fixed :pray: