BUG: "Invalid URL" error for all OpenAPI resources

Our dashboards have been working fine, but suddenly today any request to an OpenAPI resource results in an "Invalid URL" error with no futher information (and no log of what the invalid URL is!). We haven't deployed any changes, either to Retool or our API.

Hey @Gerrit_Egnew!

Are you passing parameters in your query string? Would you be willing to share your query with me? Feel free to DM!


@dlee I think we might be experiencing the same issue today, everything was working fine with our OpenAPI resource yesterday but now we can't use it and we've not changed anything. Same error as reported by @Gerrit_Egnew

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 10.57.19 am

Hey @Matt_Jones @Gerrit_Egnew, Thank you for flagging this here! This issue should be resolved, can you confirm that your Open API resources are now working as expected?

I just upgraded to 2.121.2 and I am getting the same issue with an OpenAPI that was working fine previously.