Bug in New Table - .selectedRowSource out of sync with .data after data update

I have a Select query set as a table's Data source. I updated a record in that table (from a modal edit form) and refreshed the query which refreshed the table's data.

But .selectedSourceRow is still showing the old version. The table's .data property is correct.

If I select a different row and go back to the edited row, the correct data is now available.

Hi Bradly! Thanks for reporting. We currently update selectedRow and selectedSourceRow upon selection, so the properties won't update when the underlying data changes. Would referencing the data directly, e.g. table1.data[selectedDataIndex] work for your use case?

Thanks, I'll try that as a workaround.

In the old table, I never encountered any problem with selectedRow not being in sync the current data and I believe this is the expectation for the new table as well, so I highly recommend that all references to the underlying data be kept in sync expect where it obviously should not be like an unposted update.

Ok this does work, the correct way to use it seems to be: {{tblCustomers.data[tblCustomers.selectedDataIndex]}}

I have a View Details modal and now every reference would be:


instead of

A syntax which doesn't roll off the tongue so to speak.

Thanks Bradly, agree that this can become a bit unwieldy! I'll pass along the feedback for selectedSourceRow to stay in sync with data updates.