[Bug] In Edit mode, table action buttons don't work in modals

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an empty JS query
  2. Create a table with any data
  3. Add a action button to the table that runs the JS query from step 1
  4. Put the table inside a modal

If you click on the action button in edit mode, the JS query does not show a success notification, it's not being run at all.

In preview mode, however, everything works fine.

The same issue has occurred in our applications since last week. The Action Button doesn't trigger any associated query when clicked in the edit mode.
One workaround is to create a costume column and set it to be the Button column type and links the query to the button.

Thank you for the suggestion. This is exactly what I'm doing for now :slight_smile:

Thanks for offering that workaround there, doris.l ! I'm going to try and reproduce this in my own app and see if I can get to the reasoning why this happening.

Hmm :thinking: I tried following the steps laid out by @vangelov but wasn't able to repro the bug. Inside the modal or not the button behaves similarly in edit and preview mode; I'm able to click once and the JS query triggers.

I'll check-in with my teammates and see if they can try and reproduce it on their instances and circle back with you guys. Hang tight!

@vangelov which browser are you running? I'm currently running the most up to date version of Chrome on my side. Perhaps try running an update if you're on an older release

For a list of supported browsers please reference this doc.

It's really strange, but it seems to be working now. I'm testing on Chrome with auto-updates turned on, so my version was pretty recent. @doris.l is it working for you?

Hi, After updating my Chrome to the most recent version (100.0), the Action Button column is working now.

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I'm really glad you guys were able to get that going :+1: Keep me updated if ever you start noticing anything buggy again!