Bug in date/time selector in table

Hey @Retool Support,

I've noticed that their is a bug in the date/time column type within a table.

When I selected a date that is not today it will set it to be today's date with the time I selected (i.e. the time is correct but the date is wrong).

This only happens if I type the time in. If I select it from the drop-down list this does not happen.

A very small bug but it is causing quite large problems (at least for my users!).

Just wanted to bring awareness and ask for a bug fix when you can.

Thank you for reading.

Hi @bg1900 Thanks for reporting this!

I haven't been able to reproduce it on my end :thinking: It definitely sounds like a frustrating bug, so hoping I can get a reproducible example for our team to work on a fix :crossed_fingers:

What version are you seeing this on?

Do you have a mapped value set on the column?

Do you have manage time zone enabled?

A screen recording might help as well!

3.52 self hosted. but I saw this on versions previous also.

no mapped value.

yes manage timezone is enabled.

Thanks! Could you send me an app export to test with?

I can but it would need to be privately due to company security concerns

Can you send it via dm?